About implementing 'autocomplete' tag in bubble

Hello, bubbler!

I would like to use the ‘autocomplete’ HTML tag so that the user can take advantage of autofill by the browser.
However, bubble does not have an item that can be set, and recognizes that it is necessary to generate input directly using HTML.

For example, like this→<input type="text" autocomplete="name">

Do you know of a better method than this?
Thank you👍.

(My topic may not be suitable for the ‘Need Help’ tag. If you have a suitable tag, please let me know.:pray:)

  1. Install the Toolbox plugin
  2. Add an id to the input. I used “input-name”
  3. Add a Run Javascript action (whenever the input is visible) with the following code:
    var inputElement = document.getElementById("input-name"); // Get the element inputElement.setAttribute("autocomplete", "name"); // Set the autocomplete attribute to name

Repeat for any input you want to add the attribute - changing the id and the autocomplete value (name, email, etc.)

The input id:

The Run Javascript action:

The input in the inspector with the autocomplete attribute:


Thank you, I think that’s the best way.
However, I ran it and ‘autocomplete’ is not added.
Do you know the cause?
Thank you.

The input id:
スクリーンショット 2023-11-03 18.35.56

The Run Javascript action:

The input in the inspector with the autocomplete attribute:

I don’t know how is your page set up.

Make sure the input is visible before executing the Run Javascript.

Try with this:


Hello. I found the solution!
It seems that it was not reflected because it was running in bubble’s Disable Debugger Mode.
thank you for your answer. :+1:

I was able to execute it successfully as below↓

スクリーンショット 2023-11-03 20.30.05

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