How to browser prefill my form

I would need a help to build a prefill feature on my forms from browser data. I found this: How to get Chrome to autofill inputs [SOLVED] which seems helpful I juts would need to go deeper with the explanation as I don’t really know how to approach this… thx.

Install Toolbox. Place JS element on page. Make sure ‘Expose HTML headers’ is enabled in Bubble settings. Go to the element you want to prefill and give it a name e.g g-name. Run $('#g-name').attr("autocomplete","given-name");

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This is so cool! I was not aware you could do this in Bubble…

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Hey man thx for answer, I couldnt make it work yet.
I have place the JS to Bubble element.

should I fill this somehow ?
Anyway I filled only the bubble_fn_suffix (though I have no idea what it is) with the same name as my input I wanna prefill…
Than I run a workflow “when the input is changed” this:

What am I missing ?

this one is enabled:

thx for your kind help.

Hey !
This plugin does what you’re looking for: you can select a type of data for each input to tell the browser what it should prefill!

Always seeing you around @bestbubbledev :slight_smile:


I would prefer to make it without a plugin… (not about the 7 bugs), but I will check for sure :slight_smile:

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