About showing lesson schedule the teacher can give

I’m creating a platform service that allows teachers and students to match freely in music learning.

When students select a teacher, I would like to create a format that allows students to select a date and time from the date and times that the teacher can give lesson.
(The format is similar to the screenshot below. The date and time are displayed in calendar format. ○ is displayed when the teacher can give lesson and × is displayed when the teacher cannot. Students can choose only the date and time ○ displayed, and, when students choose a date and time, text and number that read the date and time are showed.)

On the teacher side, I would like to be able to register separately for the regular schedule and irregular schedule. The regular schedule is a basic schedule that teacher give lesson every week. Teacher decides this schedule like below.
“Sunday 18:00-20:00
Monday 13:00-16:00
Tuesday none”

When teacher want to give lesson on a date and time different from the regular schedule, he or she can set irregular schedule. I would like to create format that teacher can change their schedule on the same calendar format students choose.

Is these schedule management method possible?
Since I’m a beginner in bubble, I don’t know how to handle database.
Even if it’s impossible to implement everything, I’d be very grateful if you could just tell me the method to create something similar.

Hey :wave:

Welcome to the Bubble community! I believe you can do what you are looking to do in Bubble. There are probably many ways to do this. I’m not at my computer right now but let me see if I can give you some links at least. Here are a few examples of how you could do the scheduling part of it.

Preview: Help building availability System! Willing to Pay

Also, displaying the calendar that way should be possible as well by making a customer calendar like this: [HOW-TO] Create a custom Calendar using repeating group

Another way: New Plugin - Calendar Tool (free)

And a different way: https://bubble.io/plugin/calendar-grid-pro-1554923664903x211854095567290370

Hope that helps! :blush:

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Thank you for your kindness!!

I’ll try these method you tell me.

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It seems to me that this is a really cool idea, because it gives students comfort and convenience and saves their time.

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