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Advice Needed - Booking Appointments

Hey, everyone!
I am developing an Online Teaching Platform and I need to add a functionality in it i.e., A student can book a class with a respective teacher from teacher’s available time slots in a respective day and it also suggest the student to pick from the earliest slot available. Also the student can reschedule or cancel a class booked. What are the best tools and/or plugins to achieve this functionality?


I’d always like to recommend my calendar and scheduling suite plugin. It integrates with your google calendar and can read events from several data sources. Those data plus inputting a teachers daily scheduled availability will output a list of potential day/times that are not currently occupied by other events.

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You might find my template a great fit

It is setup to allow ‘trainers’ to create their schedule of availability, setup events (think 1 hour session, 2 hour session) and set their rates for those events.

The student would be able to go to the trainers page and book a session. The booking process allows them to choose only dates that the trainer is available, once a date is chosen, they see the list of available time slots for that date. After selecting a date to book and entered their details they make a payment. Only after successful payment is the session confirmed.

Once a session has been confirmed, both the trainer and the student receive emails with the details and an .ics file to download the session details to their respective calendars. A student then can see in their dashboard all of their upcoming sessions and from their select to reschedule or cancel a session.

The trainer has an ability to add their own refund policy and if the reschedule or cancellation are performed by the student within the refund policy grace period, it is done without charge, but should the refund grace period have past the student is notified prior to confirming the cancellation or reschedule of the charges.

The process can be altered to fit your envisioned user experience surrounding a need to pay for reschedule or cancellations.

This template is also setup to allow the trainer to connect to their google calendar and their zoom account so that when a student books a session, an event is created in the trainers google calendar and a zoom meeting is automatically generated and the zoom meeting details are emailed to both the trainer and the student when the session is confirmed.

If a student reschedules or cancels, the trainers zoom meetings and google calendar are automatically updated.

This template also allows the trainers to upload tutorials to sell as well if you want them to be able to sell training videos. It also comes with a built in Blog Builder ( a robust CMS that has all SEO aspects covered ).

The template is fully customizable.

Probably the best choice to achieve the functionality you need, as it is already built and tested.

I built my own site and then turned it into the template.

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Hey @mohid

I’m sure that @jared.gibb’s and @boston85719’s suggestions above are working great :slight_smile:

If you’d rather have a go at building it yourself, this thread could help you get started.


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@ambroisedlg @jared.gibb @boston85719 Hey everyone thanks for your kind response. I guess I figured out a way to do this on my own but I am stuck with one thing. If in a day let suppose a user is booked for an hour let say from 4:00PM to 5:00PM. How do I show the availability with the remaining number of hours?

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