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Best plugin for scheduling appointments?

Does anyone have plugin recommendations for scheduling appointments?

Or is there a way to modify the date/time picker widget so that (1) certain blocks of time are not options and (2) if another user has already selected a given block of time, that time is no longer available for any user?

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Hi @hi17,

Are you making a scheduling app for many users? Or just for yourself?

If only for yourself, you can use Calendly and it works really well.


Not for myself :frowning:

I need to support many users.

I think @keith has a plugin for this… would check with him.

@Nocodify thanks for the shout-out. @hi17, it’s true that my Calendar Grid Pro plugin has some of this functionality. It’s focused on DAILY availability however, and not picking an exact time slot. (The application being hotel/vacation rental or other daily availability applications.) If picking down to the day level is enough for you, it’s perfect.

It can also spit out time slots, and with some additional Bubble programming, allow the second step of selecting an available slot, but it’s not a turnkey solution for that (yet).

(The original idea was for CG Pro to have a Time Grid companion to handle all that with the same ease and magic of CG Pro — and in fact I had/have that working — but the Bubble plugin editor and deployment system is a piece of crap and caused some insurmountable issues that lead to me shelving the idea for a while.)

Best regards,

Thanks! This sounds like it could work.

I could possibly get by with just daily availability. It would be helpful if there are any examples of the additional Bubble programming to set time slots though. Are there any I can see?

Just do select daily availability. Then show timeslots as a repeatable group with buttons.

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Hi all,

I have been working a few days on a desktop app, that works on the Calendly principle. But For making bookings for services or non planned / created service slots like most of the tutorials on the net. The template is not mobile optimised yet, so please don’t log bugs for this or tell me it’s net(for a next version), not as polished as most, but this is the good part that i can tell you to look forward too.

  1. You can schedule appointments like doctors, therapists, service meetings anything you want.

  2. Availability is NOT based on pre-populated slots. Its based on the user or company availability.

  3. You can’t book an appointment if one exists in the slot( any part of the slot ) you are selecting. So interview slots will work well with this kind of app too.

  4. Time slots is based on 15 min intervals.

  5. The company lists Services or appointments times they want clients to book them for.

  6. It sends email calendar notifications when an appointment was made and also in-app notifications to users that are booked for appointments.

  7. It creates a client under the company the min an appointment was made with the company.

  8. It supports multiple companies. With multiple employees.

  9. The employee adds his availability between time slots per day. These timeslots are shown in the booking availability screen to the customer. Any slots booked or if the selected service booked has some part of the slot, or all of the select part selected already booked, will not be available to the customer to book. This is ultimately what we want to achieve and not setup slots to pick from to book a service.

So, in essence, a bit of Calendly and CRM.

These are the links if you want to check it out. Remember the "look’ of the template is not what I am trying to showoff. I want to showoff that this functionality is possible with despite what people see or know.

To look at the template. These are the links and credentials. You can message me on the app if you have an interest in the template or review the app with your comments. There is also in the menu option a link to report bugs if you find something that doesn’t work.

Link for booking.

(You need to create your own test account to book an appointment. :slight_smile: use a real email to see the notification emails.)

Test Company Credentials is on the login form of the app. to see what happens as a Company receiving appointments.


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Hey @jan1 ,
I am looking to build something like this. Do you plan on turning it into a plugin, or opening up your application so others can see how you built it? Would love a peek to save me hours of mistakes!

Hey all, you can check our appointment template - maybe it can help

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Hey Jan! THis is really great! Are you planning to share this? I’d love to implement sometthing like this!

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Hi Jared, Thank you for the feedback. I’m not going to make it public right now, but I would help others on a consulting bases to implement the same type of solution. I have used the same in a marketplace app and enhanced some of the elements, like I am not using a repeating group with a list of available dates, now rather a block with available slots.
Get in touch if you want to discuss. Pm or email [email protected]


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Hi Jan,

I would like to find out more about your implementation services. I have sent you an email.


We had this problem, reach out to @ambroisedlg for the best option we’ve found - he’s built a fantastic Calendly style calendar/appointment setting system that lets you set block days/times and appointment availability and can help you clone it for your app. It’s a really great solution.

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Has this worked for anyone?

Hi @hi17 have you found a solution for the time slot level for bookings?

Thanks for the reach out @help!

@soojungish this may help you get started: [Tips] Let Users setup their daily availabilities

Let me know if you need more help


Need extra help?

Book a free 15 minutes call - happy to help if I can

I’ve got something in the works here too I’ll keep you posted :wink:

If you’re on twitter follow along with it here -


Hey @gf_wolfer that seems to be pretty much the way I configured mine as well. Let’s share some thoughts when you finalize it if you’d like!


Will do! Working on the booking logic at the moment which may lead to optimizations, I’ll keep ya posted