Acceptable use policy and Offensive content

Hi, I would like to have a confirmation about what can be made with Bubble.

While reading the Policies (Acceptable Use | Bubble), I have seen that obscene content is not tolerate.
Of course I deeply agree with it, but what is obscene ?

Here it says (Terms | Bubble)

You can’t use the Platform for illegal purposes, to post pornography or hateful content, harass others, or do anything else your mother would not approve of.

I have a projet that is to create a linktree/ Link in Bio Tools for content creator.

While the vast majority of the targeted customer are in gaming or so …
what happen if a cam girl/boy reference her/his platforms (that might be openly porn platform) ?

Is this against Bubble policy ? Or do I just need to inform that the links are tagged as “special” ?

same question with APIs


Hi there, @melu… you should reach out to Bubble for this question… the forum can’t really help you on this one.


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