Accepting or Rejecting Form Submissions

Hi everyone,

I am trying to think of the best way to filter incoming submissions so the end-user does not have to waste time filtering through unwanted forms.

Here is the structure I am thinking of:

  1. Business user defines desired criteria for a loan: Credit score between 500-700 for example.
  2. Customer fills out a form - when submitted it is validated against the criteria defined above.
  3. If it meets criteria, the form is loaded into the DB for the business user.
    If it doesn’t meet criteria, a email is sent to the customer and no DB entry is created.

Would anyone have an idea on the best way to go about implementing this? (How would I define this in the workflow)

Thank you!

Hey Cam,
Yes this is really simple to do. I created a little example page for you.

Under the workflow events utilize the “only when” features to direct the workflow.

If the credit score < 600 send email. If the credit score > 600 create a new thing,… etc.

Check out my workflow and it’ll make sense. Just make sure the input field is set to “integer” not “text” to enable the use of using numerical logic in your “only when” fields. I didn’t set the range like you put in the example, but you could do that very easily.

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Awesome! Thank you!