Access Denied on Recently Uploaded Files

Was there a change made in the last day or two related to how Bubble handles uploaded files to S3? I haven’t changed anything in my app’s code, but any files that were recently uploaded are now giving an error message when I try to access them:

{“error_class”:“Unauthorized”,“args”:{“code”:“1696721######x569451638009######”},“message”:null,“translation”:“Permission denied”}

I’ve checked my privacy rules and don’t see any issues there. I noticed that the link to the files in my app are now using my subdomain as opposed to linking to’s cdn. Perhaps something recently changed with that which is causing this new error behaviour?

Thank you,

Hmm… what do you mean by this? Looks like files are still under a subdomain for me

It’s hard to say what the issue is. Is your files being uploaded from the frontend of your app or via the backend (i.e., the editor?)

Were you able to solve this issue?
Im having the same error

{“error_class”:“Unauthorized”,“args”:{“code”:“1712935386642x943467772010545800”},“message”:null,“translation”:“Sorry, you do not have permission to view data for this app.”}

Unfortunately I can’t remember specifically what fixed this issue for me, sorry. I did get around the issue in the end though so keep working at it.

Thank you for the reply.
I found a solution. I was opening my email on a different browser than then one that had my account loged in and that was the issue.

I’m glad it was a simple fix. I was probably doing something silly on my end when I had this issue as well.