Any idea why Access is Denied? (images)

Any idea why I get this error when I want to access an image URL outside of Bubble?

This is the URL:

it happens with all my images… They are visible in the app but can’t use them outside the app.

Have you set private on image?

Not that I know

I should say, on your file uploader for example. Are image uploded using file or image uploader? (
This can also be a privacy setting I think

Hmm yes they are uploaded via the @ZeroqodeSupport plugin (multi-uploader) but with the ‘attach to’ off


I think you should ask the question to the zeroqode support team or forum. Maybe this is a setting on their plugin. In Bubble uploader, you need to uncheck the make file private but this doesn’t seem to be an option in this plugin.

I think I solved it haha… there used to be a workflow to delete files if they didn’t get used… can’t find the files that have ‘access denied’ in the File manager. So probably something went wrong there :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Thanks for your quick help @Jici