Access denied on files saved in App data

Whenever I save files to my App data using a workflow (API call, save result), I can view them for a few days (not sure how long).

After a while, the files can not be accessed anymore. They are not showing in my app, and when I access them by clicking on Preview in App data, I get a page with Access denied. Here is an example URL:*1xeq0ni*_gcl_au*ODU5NTAwNTM3LjE3MDU5MzcwNjg.*_ga*MjA5ODc3NDg2Ny4xNzA1OTM3MDY4*_ga_BFPVR2DEE2*MTcwNTkzNzA2Ny4xLjEuMTcwNTk1Mjg1NS4xNS4wLjA.

Are files only temporarily accessible?

Unsure about this, I have not run into that scenario just yet.
This is a concern as I am saving PDF’s like this. Subbing the thread.

The file may not be saving to Bubble. Check File Manager to see if they are being saved.

When saving files from an api workflow, you should save to s3. If you don’t, you’re essentially using the hosting of wherever you got the data from and that provider will change the links periodically to prevent this. Search “save to s3” in the docs for full explanation.

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Thanks for the help. I’ve edited my Workflows to save the results with “save to s3”.