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Access querystring value from webhook POST to bubble wf endpoint

Is there any way to access a querystring/url value on an incoming POST to an API workflow endpoint?

i.e. if my endpoint is /myworkflow, and its receiving an inbound webhook POST, can I grab the value of foo if it were sent as /myworkflow?foo=bar, along with anything in the actual POST body?

Just for a bit of clarity on the use case:

I cannot modify the body of an inbound webhook POST - I can only modify the actual URL it posts to. In this situation, I need to know which “thing” I need to update and add some of the POST’s body’s parameters to. I’m fundamentally adding something to a list in the db (its a bit more than that, but that isn’t where I’m having the issue).

In a “normal” dev scenario, I would just parse out the inbound URI or querystring, where I could pass something like ?thing=thisThing, and go from there.

In bubble how could I achieve this? This is truly the first time I’ve had a total roadblock using the platform.

Is there anyway to dynamically define an endpoint’s URI perhaps? So that it could be /wf/myEndpoint/{something} and capture the {something}?

Doesn’t seem like we can right now: