Replace query string parameters in API call

We have a call in the format of…


Will Bubble do replaceable query string parameters like…


So when the API is executed, the query string params are replaced with the actual values? Also, how do you URL encode the values?

To make the values dynamic, put the keys in brackets like this:


This will make Bubble reveal new inputs to have control over the parameter values. Make sure you uncheck “Private” to have those parameters available in your workflow so that you can switch them out with dynamic values.

That’s method 1. Method 2 is simply entering in your URL parameters in the section below instead of in the endpoint area. So the endpoint would just be https://api/MobileGeneral.svc/rest/recordquote and then you click “Add Parameter” below to enter your parameter keys and values there. Again, uncheck Private to make them available in the app. Also, check “Querystring” for each parameter.

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