Query String Params in POST Request?

Does Bubble’s API allow/recognize query string parameters that are part of a POST request?

I’m implementing a callback to my app via a POST request, and I’d like to include additional information that’s not part of the payload/body when the outside service invokes the callback. I figured I could just add the values to the query string so I’d have access to them in the callback WF, but there’s no “Get data from URL” available that I can see.


Anyone have an answer to this? We’re currently in the same process that Bubble doesn’t seem to recognize the query string

For an endpoint, IF the params are manually defined instead of using “auto detect”, they can be specified as qs params.


The issue with the manual approach is that keys for nested objects can’t be defined AFAICT.

I’m trying to integrate the Monday API

query {


Yeah, I [frustratingly] encountered a similar situation with a Stripe webhook endpoint.

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I’m in the process of integrating it with plain JavaScript and that seems to work.

function(properties, context) {
    let query = '{ boards (limit:5) {name id} }';

    let post = {
        uri: "https://api.monday.com/v2",
        method: 'POST',
            "Content-Type": "application/json",
            "Authorization": properties.key
            "query": query
        json: true
	let result = context.request(post);
	return {full_body: JSON.stringify(result.body)};

Oh, I thought you were trying to receive a post request on a Bubble endpoint.

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Oh no, the other way around. But I was getting errors in the JSON body with the query stuff

If the goal is to use the API Connector or the plug-in API tab, it would be helpful to see a screenshot of that. (My original message here, though, was about receiving a post request on a Bubble endpoint.)

Also, (and perhaps you’re already aware of this) the “query” references in the Monday API are not referring to URL query string parameters.

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