Access to google maps


I am new in bubble trying to develop a new app. I would need that the app navigates when a button is pressed to a page with Google maps but I receive the following error message:

Oops! Something went wrong.

This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.


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Are you on a paid plan?

Did you add the Google API keys to your settings page?

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tava fazendo um treinamento, e fui barrado nesse ponto! para navegar sem erro no mapa, e obter as chaves api tem que ter um plano pago! eu ate consegui as chaves mas se não for pago vai aparecer essa mensagem, com a tela cinza transparente do mapa.

No. I am just starting and I have a hobby plan

Can you provide a link to either your editor or app or screenshots?

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