Google Maps API's


I’m looking for some help on getting maps API’s working. I added my API keys to Bubble and got an error on my app’s map (‘Oops…something not working’). I switched the API’s around and then got another error (‘This page can’t load google maps correctly’). I’ve already set up a billing account on google console, so not sure what else the issue could be.

Any help really appreciated!

Please ignore the above-- fixed. There was an error with my billing account on google.

James, did you have to wait to start working in order for the Maps API to work after you corrected the errors?

Because my billing account in Google is working just fine, but my Maps in Google still doesn’t work. :frowning:

Hi Tomas, from memory it started to work as soon as i’d got the billing account working…

If you haven’t figured it out yet, follow this When Your Map Says "This Page Can't Load Google Maps Correctly" - Lieberman Technologies