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Accessing Facebook's User ID via API for Facebook Bot

Hi Guys,

I am having trouble getting my desired response when integrating my facebook bot with bubble. I am using a regular Bubble Get API with a parameter specifying the facebook id of the user the bot is chatting with. I want to check whether this user is already signed up with my platform and depending on the outcome (true/false) want to trigger different actions.

However, it seems I cannot access the Facebook ID of a User via the API? It is not on the first level and “Do a Search for” doesnt show neither Facebook, Google nor Stripe fields.

How is it possible to check, wether a user is already signed up with my just by a parameter holding the facebook id?

Thanks a lot for your help!


Are you using the Bubble Facebook plugin? If so, you can something like

Current user’s Facebook’s id

Yes I do! Ok, using the ID within Bubble is easy. But how do I access it via API?


How do I need to format the URL to query for a parameter fbid=12345 to find the user who has a facebook ID of 12345?

Do you get what I mean?

More specifically:

This is the Workflow API where I would like to send the facebook ID and check/return whether this user exists. However, I can’t choose “Facebook” here, but only fields which are standard or which I created myself.

Is there any workaround?

A workaround is to save the ID in a field.

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Alright, this is working perfectly fine! Thought I could go a cleaner way, but good enough! Thanks a lot!

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