API Connector to retrieve FB events with the Facebook graph API

Hi all,

Don’t know if doable, but I would like to retrieve the Facebook public events for all members that connect to the app with FB. I know the Graph API allows it but I have no idea how to set it up with the API connector.

Has any of you done that before?
FB reference on this topic: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/reference/event

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I think you will need an OAUTH bearer token, which is somewhat complicated.

I am not really familiar with that but I have seen many posts refering to this OAUTH thing…is it hard to set up or is it something currently not available in Bubble?
Could there be some kind of workaround?

It is currently not available in Bubble, but is on the way I think.

Not sure how it would work manually, but I am looking at a way to do it with another tool. Slowly.

ok i made some research and i better understand it now. I’ll stay tuned, good luck then :slight_smile:

Hey, was thinking of another way, not sure if this could work but:

Could I instead use the URL of an event to extract the event ID and then access the other fields I want? The URL of event is like this:


I don’t have an answer - but like you, I too want to retrieve FB events and query the feed based on what the user requires.

Please keep me updated. Will ask Bubble about the OAUTH bearer stuff.

Our API connector doesn’t support oauth yet. Of some Facebook calls are needed we can look into adding them on a custom basis (reach out to support to talk about it). Opening oauth stuff with the API connector isn’t a quick thing as it touches authentication which touches security, session management, etc.

Quick question with the recent introduction of the OAUTH2 API, should we now be able to retrieve one of the following:

  • public events of a user who logged in with FB
  • Event information with the URL of such event? (extracting the Event ID from the URL)


Anyone knows how to do it? I tried but I am really struggling… i read FB documentation and I don’t know if i need to rebuild a login workflow or if I can use the current FB login functionality to get the user token, and then no clue how to set up the call to get the public events…

Grateful if anyone can guide me through :slight_smile:

Is there already a way to import Facebook events into Bubble?

OAUTH is now implemented, so I think this would be possible now.

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Thanks, are there any docs on this?

There is a thread about implementing Facebook OAUTH.

Once you have the token (and the right permissions) then the Facebook Graph API docs should tell you what calls you need to make.

hello Nigel. can you please link me to the supposed thread. thanks

I think it was this …