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Accessing output from client-side plugin

Hi, how do I access the output from client-side javascript?

Below is an example client-side function. I’ve linked it to a button so when the button is clicked it runs the function (I see in my developer console that the console.log is printing).
How do I use the return value helloooo elsewhere in my app? Unlike with server-side plugins, I don’t see an option to “use the output from Step 1” in my workflow.

For context, I’m writing a client-side plugin to interact with Firebase.

You need to have a return value setup in the editor:

You need to have the return function setup like this.
And that value should be returned at the end of the code editor like this:


 number: randomNumber


See this plugin code:

Thanks for your help @steven.junio91 but that’s a server-side action. How would I do this with a client-side action?

Sorry misread.

I think for what you’re looking for, you’ll need to create a element in the plugin editor, and create an action within it that publishes the value you what to the state of the element.

instance.publishState(‘files_are_rendering’, true)

I don’t believe you can return values through an “Action” on client side plugins.

Thanks again :slight_smile: Yeah that’s what it looks like to me too. So nobody else has written a client-side plugin that makes changes to the database? That’s strange isn’t it?

I’m not sure. I could see how they don’t want to expose write controls to users databases though. I believe using “App type” is the best way to read the database though.

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withcopilot has a great tutorial video on this.

did you get this working. I’d love to see a demo

Hey @localprosnet,

I have a couple of videos about that over here.

If you’d like, I can take you through the steps personally during a coaching session.

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This is incredible! And I may be interested in a coaching session. I started this journey Jan 2021 and somehow I ended up in the plugin editor. I’m guessing there’s a natural procession to it when you keep pushing your limits. Thank you diamond hands, I hodl too!

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