Plugin Server Side Action Return

Having a lot of trouble finding this one out on my own. I have created a private plugin with a server side action. I’ve defined the fields and returned values, the code is currently returning a static object. When I load the plugin into the app I can see the action in the workflow and I can add all the inputs; but I can not find a place that I can then save or use the return values. I’ve tried to create another step right after with the “Make changes to a thing…” but I am not seeing the “User data from step …” that I would expect. Am I missing anything obvious here?

Just so we better know how to aid: You never managed to find the “Use data from step X” or you’re not finding it only in this case?
In any case, do share more of your setup, including code, plugin editor screenshots and workflow screenshots so we can debug this together :slightly_smiling_face:

I see the “Use data from step X” from other steps in the chain but not from the event in the question. All the event is doing is returning static data at this point so the function is just

function(properties, context) {
	return {
         textList: ['First Test']

where “textList” is defined as “KeyType: text” and “Is a list” is checked