[Solved for now] Is “Use results of previous step” possible with client side actions

I am building a plugin that Uses a client side action to call Firebase and publish data as a custom bubble thing and access it as any other element state


I can’t figure out how to use that value in a workflow like with server side actions. With those you can return {“stateName”, value} and use the result in the next step in a workflow.

Is this possible for client side actions?

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I am also interested to know if it is possible or not. If yes, how?

@vini_brito do you know if this is possible?

Hi! Thanks for the mention :wink:
Nope, not with client side actions, I already asked Bubble team for that and many other things too, they’re all backlogged but no confirmation on if and when this and other features would be implemented.
A sure fire way to use data from client side actions is to publish to a custom state in the plugin element and then immediately after it trigger a custom event from the plugin element.
Then the workflow continues under the plugin event.

An example of the code would be:

instance.publishState("item_clicked", args.item.text)

There are more hackish ways if needed, but this is the main method and usually is the best approach.

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Cheers Vini

How is this still not done?

This is the way still, unfortunately. Now that you know, build!