Accidentally clicking on the home button way more since its redesign

Is it just me or does anyone else find themselves accidentally clicking the Bubble home button since the redesign? Before it just used to be Bubble’s logo and I never mistook it as something I should click. Now it looks a lot more like the design tab and I seem to click it at least once a day while sprinting about the editor. A really abrupt interruption to flow.

I guess the tip would be to make this button much smaller since it is sitting between two buttons I often actually want to use. Or just revert it to how it was?


yeh, this is just bad ux i never need the home page and neither does the the beginner making their first app.

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I can’t say I have ever really noticed the logo or the redesign, and I have never clicked on it accidentally. That being said, I would be super annoyed if I did because like Tass said, nobody needs to go to the homepage when they are working in the editor. At the very least, make it open in a new tab.

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That idea is super!

Meanwhile I’m over here thinking they should get rid of it altogether to make space for editor things. But I use Bubble enough that I have a hotkey to take me to my homepage. Alt+1 baby!

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Oh, wait… I just realized why I have never clicked it before or didn’t even know it was there. I pretty much have the forum open at all times (shocking, I know), and I am used to ctrl-clicking the Bubble logo at the top of the forum to access my homepage. Hell, if that had been one of the questions on the exam (How do you get to your homepage from the editor?), I would have had no idea what they were talking about.

Lol - yeah, I’m pretty sure the dropdown page selector used to be 40 pixels closer to the left, so that’s caused about half of my miss clicks.

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Muscle memory (or maybe it’s mouse-cle memory) is a hell of thing, eh?


Bubble doesn’t actually have any qualified UI/UX people. All these designs/changes are done by Bubble’s in-house no-coders.

Nothing against them as I think they are working hard to improve what’s infront of them. But an interface that is used daily by hundreds of thousands of users for hours on end, needs to be taken a bit more seriously.

Like many have mentioned here, there was no need to increase the size of the previous home button inside the editor. Not like we have been crying for a bigger button to exit the editor!

If it was up to me I’d move it altogether to the far right, either between the question icon and user icon, or actually pin it to the bottom of the vertical menu along with the question and user icon, which will leave the top horizontal menu for what’s actually important and without any fluff.

@sam.morgan just some feedback for the team :slight_smile:

Just a quick point of clarification… those statements are not necessarily accurate.

Mike, respectfully, that post doesn’t say anywhere that they are a qualified UI/UX designer. And no user facing part of Bubble’s platform looks like the work of any qualified designer.

I’m active on Twitter and actively follow the people who make these editor/dashboard tweaks. Props to them!

Bubble simply wouldn’t put any qualified UI/UX people to work on the editor because they put plans to reskin the editor on ice over a year ago.

However, I will change my statement to say Bubble has not invested in any qualified UI/UX designers to work on the editor, because for all I know they might have such people working behind the scenes on future updates.

No disrespect to anyone. I appreciate everyone’s efforts equally!

Fair enough… I just assumed that since they are a designer and they were hired by Bubble, that makes them qualified. :slight_smile:

I know you didn’t mean any disrespect… I just didn’t think it was accurate to imply there are no designers working at Bubble (which might not have been what you were saying/implying… my apologies if I misunderstood).

I have exactly zero insight into what goes on in Twitterville, though… so pardon my ignorance on that front.

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I feel you on that @zelus_pudding! I never had the problem before but somehow my brain tricks me into thinking that I’m navigating back to the index page of the app that I’m currently at :joy:

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Did this again the other day in the middle of working on a client’s app while on video chat with them. Said client mentioned they frequently make this mistake. This button really shouldn’t exist.