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Accidently messed something up

Fellow Bubblers, can anyone help!

After months I finally completed my website and was putting on some finishing touches … but I’ve now done something which messed up a major feature.

First, to explain my site, it allows users to create groups so they can find like minded people and meet in the real world. They can see the groups they’ve created from within their ‘my_groups’ area. They have an edit button (to edit their groups) and a ‘Reschedule’ button, which only shows when the groups meeting date has expired.

The ‘Reschedule’ button directs to the create_group form and retains the input information so that the user can simply edit the meeting date and repost their group. It’s important to note that once they reschedule, all their group followers are notified.

Originally, I had the edit button directed to a ‘clone’ of the create_group page but I managed to unify everything so that there is only onecreate_groupform and that serves for create, edit and reschedule groups. This was fantastic, I felt the whole site was cleaner and I have conditions so that relevant text would display based on if a user was creating, editing or rescheduling.

Ok, so to my problem.

I noticed that Bubble spotted some issues, namely that a few of my ‘Create a Group’ buttons were not directing to the create_grouppage due to incorrect data being sent. When I tried to fix it, Bubble suggested that the data I should send should be Group , which I think worked but then other pages said it needed to be User and all of a sudden I had about 50 errors!

Finally, after hours of trial and error I got rid of all errors. Now thecreate_groupform successful creates a new group, but when I click on the edit or reschedule button I am seeing an empty create_groupform (it’s not remembering the input data and if I fill it out it creates a new group)?

Now users can not edit or reschedule their groups.

I am really lost with this as the site has become fairly large, I wonder if I am missunderstanding datatypes a little also. For example, the create_group form would have a ‘Group’ type because it’s creating a group, but I struggle with understanding why it doesn’t also need a ‘User’ type since it relates to a specific user.

I wonder if anyone more experienced could have a look, pleeease!? I’ve made it viewable …

Hi @darren.james7518,
with the current setup, the way to fix this would be to:

  1. Set data type of the create_group page to Group
  2. in the Workflow tab, create an event:
    When page is loaded and Current Page's Group is not empty => Display data in a group => Group Step 1 and data to display: Current Page’s Group
    And repeat that for all of the steps.

But, if you want to structure this better (and if I’m not misunderstanding anything regarding the functionality that you want and other parts of your app don’t interfere with what I suggest), you should probably:

  1. Set data type of the create_group page to Group
  2. Change the Group User element data type to be Group rather than User and set the data source to be Current Page’s Group
  3. In step 1, step 2, step 3 etc elements set data source to be Parent’s Group Group
  4. In alert box top element, in your conditional tab, reference Current User rather than Parent’s Group User
  5. Only show “Place listing” button if the Current Page’s group is empty and only show “Re-post” button if the Current Page’s group is not empty (or combine it into one button and show different text based on the same condition + create a new group or modify existing one also based on that condition)

I wonder if I am missunderstanding datatypes a little also. For example, the create_group form would have a ‘Group’ type because it’s creating a group, but I struggle with understanding why it doesn’t also need a ‘User’ type since it relates to a specific user.

If you are not modifying ex User #2 as User #1 it doesn’t need User type since you can always reference current user by Current User. Or if you wanted to get some group’s creator, you don’t have to send it to the page, you can just reference Group's Creator

One more thing:
In case of your alert box top, it’s better to uncheck “This element is visible on page load” on default and then check it based on some condition (because otherwise sometimes Bubble will render the element that we might want to hide first and then when the condition kicks it disappears).

Let me know if you have any questions,


Wow thank you so much, I am blown away by your generosity and help. I am often amazed at the kindness of Bubblers!

Your solution worked a treat, I opted for the better structure you suggested. Thanks again, I was feeling very deflated this morning, I realise that the structure of data types etc is something I’ve not fully understood.

Whilst here, there’s an annoying feature with my location dropdown.

When I edit a group, the form fields are all populated correctly with the saved information. But, when I go to click the “Resubmit” button, it asks me to go back and choose the location again. To be clear, the location dropdown does display the saved information but it wants me to drop it down and reselect it?

Perhaps this is because the dropdown information is pulled from an Option set?

Also, that same dropdown also only displays a text placeholder or the saved information, so if no location is chosen, the dropdown is blank.

I had to create a text placeholder using a condition for when the field is empty. Again, this seems unnecessary so I’m not sure if I’ve done something wrong with the dropdown.

@darren.james7518, no problem, happy to help when I can :slight_smile:

When it comes to dropdown, try setting the dropdown’s “Default value” to Current Page Group’s Nearest town.

Let me know if that helps.

I’m am only able to select one of the option set towns from the “Default value”, no dynamic data available.


Hmm is the Group’s Nearest town field a data type of that “All UK Towns and cities” option set? There might be a data type mismatch

Here someone had a similiar problem

Thanks for the link to the other persons similar problem, it seems they also had an issue with the Option set data type.

I’m not sure I understand this question? Do the images of my set up below help?

Ah, I just scrolled to the bottom of the (long) list of towns and there is an option for Current Page Group’s Nearest town, but it throws up the red alert.

So, I do have the same issue as the other guy.


I fixed the issue by creating a new Field type within the Group data type called “Nearest town” and made the field name “UK Towns and cities”.

I then made the dropdown default value Current page groups Nearest town.

Thank you for referring me to the other post and for giving me fresh ideas which helped me troubleshoot.


I think you were right with your first comment :grinning: