Need help with duplicating or adding groups

So I need to know how to duplicate or add new groups by simply tapping a button. The group consists of 2 dropdowns and i need the button to duplicate or make a copy of it almost infinitely. I’m really new to bubble so I haven’t gotten around to solving it by myself yet. Any help would be very much appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Hi there, @matthiasvillamora… if you can provide more context about what you are trying to do (including screenshots, if possible), I’m sure someone will be able to help. For example, what is the purpose of the two dropdowns? Are they used to create a thing in a data type? Why do they need to be copied? How are the copies supposed to be displayed? Etc.


Okay so i’m trying to build this app that practically converts trash into money
In these drop downs, you will be introduced with options regarding the characteristics of the plastic. For example how many liters does it hold and what type of plastic it is. I was thinking for the add button, it would another one or more of those dropdowns so the user may be able to input as many items as they want. The data types will be provided so the options are static only. I hope that helps, thanks!

Well, that certainly sounds interesting. :slight_smile:

I thought you might be doing something like what you have described, and if I understand it correctly, I’m not sure why you would need to duplicate the dropdowns. You could have one set of the dropdowns on a page, and clicking the Add button would simply create a new item (with the appropriate values as selected in the dropdowns, of course) in a data type. Then, you could display those items in a repeating group below the dropdowns, and new items would show up as they are created. Does that make sense?

Yeah that does make sense, I could preset a bunch of these dropdowns and they could add more if they wanted. Although, I was trying to assign an action to the add button with “Create a new thing” and the “thing” being the group that contains the dropdowns but nothing is happening when I click it. I created a custom data type called “Convert” then assigned the group to it. Made sure that the “thing” in the action was “Convert”.

Yeah, that’s not how it works.

You need to add fields to the Convert data type in which the values from the dropdowns will be stored. Then, when you create a new thing in the Convert data type, set the field values equal to the dropdown values.

By the way, just a friendly word of advice… what you are trying to do is about as basic as it gets in Bubble. If you don’t have a good grasp of the basics, you might really struggle to get up the learning curve (which can be quite steep). So, take this for what it’s worth, but I would suggest you take a step back and do the tutorials that Bubble offers so you can get a good understanding of the basics before you jump right into building an app.

Alright brother, that clears up a lot. Will definitely go back to the basics before I start grinding. It’s just the deadline’s in less than 2 months and it’s pressuring me. I have no prior knowledge in programming so I took the easiest alternative I could find. This app is school related so I gotta kick it up a notch, even though it’s totally out of my field. Anyway, thank you pal, you really helped me out a lot.

My pleasure, man… and don’t worry… if you have 2 months, that will be plenty of time to build something even if you take a week or two to get a good understanding of the basics… and believe me, that will be time will spent. Best of luck!

Thank you man! Really needed the motivation

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