Getting data from different pages' inputs into one

I have a challenge. I have an approach where users answer questions, on each of the four pages, with different data types on them, linked to the user data type, with pages in between them explaining the next page(these inner pages without data types), the final of the 4 pages is what signs the user up.

My challenge is that ive failed to fetch that data into a repeating group, and it doesnt seem to reflect in the data, yet i create a new thing as a workflow at the end of each page upon clicking a button.

Kindly share tips.

Lastly, I’ve failed to fetch birthdays and age from date inputs, and any guidance on using 4 checkboxes in one place to feed into a data type, and how to make it such that if one is clicked while a different one was clicked, the different one becomes unclicked? instead of checkboxes, can i use a group of groups in a rectangular shape (or a different element) that when clicked, change colour, feed into a data type for an aesthetic look rather than using checkboxes?

I’m new to bubble, any assistance will be appreciated.