Acess to database in live version


I was wondering if we can access to live database ?
We would like to import a lot of data with a cvs file or any other way :smile:
Thanks for your help

Yes, just open your app in live mode in the editor and upload data as CSV

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Thanks a lot ! I didn’t saw that…

How does one open the app in live mode in the editor?

I’m working on an app and have an attribute for users that optionally provides them administrative privs for some of the data. However, when I move my app to Live, the database is empty and I don’t see how to create my first admin user account ( accounts default to non-admin status).

In a more generic, is there a way to access and manage data on the live site without having to create pages to do so?

@JohnMark, Thank you! I simply never noticed that link!

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