Action fields of plugin not appearing!

I’ve been messing for a while to try to understand. It seems to me that there is a bug.

In the plugin editor, I have a list of fields for an action of an element:

But when using the action in the app editor, there is a missing field. If I try to add more, there are more missing:

I tried deleting the fields, renaming them, re-ordering them. Even deleted the whole plugin and recreated it. No difference.
The only thing I can do to make the missing field to appear is to set its type to something else than “as Element field […]”.

Am I missing something?

@julienallard1 We are not able to reproduce this. Could you send support a link to the plugin editor and test app?

Hi Neerja, thanks for replying quickly. I just filed a bug report where I filmed my screen (did my best with my english speaking…).

UPDATE: Just noticed that the Dynamic Fields must be set as list to show up.