Bubble editor not showing plugin action properties - broke just today!

Any other plugin devs having issues with properties (fields) of a plugin action not being shown in the Bubble editor when configuring the action?

The fields do show up in the plugin editor where they’re defined, but they don’t show up in the Bubble editor workflow tab where the action is configured. This issue has cropped up since last night.


How is this not fixed? I am having this problem as a user of the Table / Grid Tabulator plugin from @MindForApps .

Hi @prograds,

FWIW, I submitted a bug report last night, and the issue was confirmed and escalated to the engineering team.

I would suggest you submit a bug report as well. Multiple reports won’t hurt.

I was informed this morning by a Bubble engineer that this issue has been fixed, and I have confirmed that is the case. :+1:

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