Action plugin for API Workflows

Trying to write a plugin to speed up the comparison of fields between two lists of items (nested for loops) due to extremely slow execution speed when writing it natively in bubble (+ ~1s per field being compared, currently 18 fields being compared with the addition of many more). However cannot get the plugin’s actions to work in API Workflow (assuming this is because plugins are meant to be run in the foreground on the client’s machine).

The typically proposed solution for iterating through list of lists is to use a custom state as an intermediary buffer, but this functionality is also “unavailable” in the API workflows as custom states belong to elements.

Hmmm, I’m not quite sure what you’re working on or your end goal, but here’s some related information that may help.

Sometimes we need more advanced logic than can currently be done in Bubble. We typically pass data via the API to an algorithm and we’ll host than on Amazon Lambda (so we only pay for computer power when the algorithm is being run). For our purposes, we usually store the result back in the database as well, but if you didn’t want to store the result you could trigger the API from user interface and just pass back the results to the UI.

This becomes an effective way to effectively enhance Bubbler’s processing options as it sounds like you’re trying to do.

We have some of those as well. Would prefer to keep workflows contained on bubble servers for security purposes if I can in this case.