API workflow on a list - speed issues?

I have a backend workflow setup in my project and then call that workflow on a list during one of my processes.

I’ve noticed that it takes several seconds per list item to process. All it is doing is adding the data from each list item into the bubble database as a new item.

In terms of a flow - I call an external API to transcribe a video, which returns a list of transcription data. I pass that list to the backend workflow to add each item in the list to the database in Bubble. It works as intended but is very very slow, which has negative implications on the end user experience.

If there was a way to update a value after the entire list has been processed, I could conditionally show a loader or something on the front end. However, I can’t find a way to say “this backend workflow on a list has finished processing each item”.

Any ideas?

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You can make your backend workflow recursive, when it reaches the last item in the count you can have it change a field to done?