Action upon completion of Schedule Workflow API on a List action

Is it possible to trigger an action after ALL things from a list have been processed using a Schedule Workflow API on a List action?

Use case is Importing a list of contacts from an external API, and would like to email the user after all the contacts have been imported.



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Unfortunately no but there are workarounds for at least a piece of what you need. What I did in my app was count how many things I had in my database before I started my API workflow. Let’s say there were 10. Then, I run a count on how many items I expect to get back from my API workflow using :count. Let’s say I’m expecting 40 items (you can do this BEFORE you run the workflow by the way). Once the count of the database is 50 (10 original items + 40 new ones), then I know I’m done… Now… Back to your original message, being able to send a message AFTER it’s done, that is where I’m not sure. You could set an item to show when it’s completed. Then when the item is visible, set “When X is visible” to send an email.

I wish I could go into more detail. Maybe that helps a bit?


Ok this actually works. See screenshots.

Ok, so I have an item - “Completed”. It is NOT visible when the page is loaded. It is ONLY visible when the API is finished (when the number in my database = the amount of items I expect back from my API call).

Now, for screenshot 2.

I set a “Do when condition is true” - When Completed is visible, I send an email. I tested it and it worked. Try it on your end and see if that works out.

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Yes, I do this when creating downloadable data on temporary tables. I show the “Download csv” button when the count = pre calculated rows. Then when the API workflows complete, you can download.