Schedule a workflow after "Schedule workflow on a list" has finished

It often happen I’ve to trigger an API endpoint after a process on a list has finished.
@emmanuel an option at the end of the “Schedule an API workflow” action would make things much easier.

Exemple :

  • Checkbox : Schedule a workflow X seconds after the last workflow is triggered

You know you can format the timer correct?

Yes thanks but I’m not sure you have undrstood my request.

If we could have access to the last workflow’s scheduled date, it would be easy to trigger a final one after all the previous workflows have finished. Right now there is no such feedback :

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@emmanuel would it be possible to get in the results of the “Schedule a workflow on a list” action the last workflow’s sheduled time ?

No because we return the list of scheduled ids already.

Right, you would have to create a new object so we can have Result of Step 4 's [ID or Scheduled date]
instead of juste a list of text (id).
Then, using the last scheduled workflow ID, can you let us looking up to its scheduld date using something “Get data from Scheduled Workflows” ?
I really face a burden here without knowing when process on list will be completed.

and it’s actually a burden I’ve got on my app + over all my few client’s apps. If you want use cases, I can tell them

We can’t change the data that is returned by an action like this, it’d break all existing apps. Well see what we can do but can’t promise a quick turnaround on that one (it’s not simple).

ok, thanks.
I understand you did not want to do it until now, but as Bubble is getting more stable with more users with apps on production, if two different versions run on live and test modes, it would be possible to push none backward updates such as this one.

@emmanuel as a remember, in case it can be added in the next version


It’s unfortunately still not an easy one, knowing and guaranteeing when a schedule workflow completes is not straightforward

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Thank you @emmanuel for listening to all our feedback! Curious if there has been any progress since this was last discussed? Any known work arounds to achieving schedule workflow after “schedule workflow on a list” has finished?

Since Sept '18 you can use recursive API workflows. That way you can know for sure (and do something) when all items have been run through.

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