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Ad Manager For Bubble?

Is there a banner ad manager plugin that will allow banner ads to be sold off of the application and tracked?

Looking to add banner placements but of course if your selling ad space you need to track metrics such as hit count etc.

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Assume you can just add it via an HTML element ?

But that would not manage it from within bubble.

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I assume that we can configure a hit counter of course and things of that nature in Bubble… But I’m not sure how to configure an impression counter. ? Any thoughts how we can get a count on how many times a specific Element was displayed? vs. clicked?

I also then worry about the accuracy of it vs. software that handles this for you (external ad manager software)

I guess following events will help you:
Elements was displayed: Page Loaded
Clicked: That’s easy - you can capture clicks

I think it depends on what you are trying to do ?

You could embed something like google ads on your page I would have thought. That would do all the impressions etc itself.

Are you trying to show you own adverts ? In which case you do as above and count it on page loads … but that would count reloads too ?

Ah I’m not too worried about re-loads.

I think that any ad manager would count one as an Impression of that ad anyway.

I’m trying to offer advertising space on the application but of course the vendors will want reports to understand click through rates and more.

Will play around with these!

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