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Ad placement system just like product hunt products ads, Sponsored products

Hi, bubblers

I want to implement an ad management system into the Bubble site I’m building. Are there any plug-ins or workflows that can help me get started? I’d like users to pay for the ad via Stripe. They can then upload their image and copy for approval. It would then run for a set period of time or on a certain date (like a Classified ad or product hunt promoted products ad)

How I can build this and provide startups a way to get on the homepage and other places with a tag promoted and also able to pay us the advertisement amount. In short, ad management and place system like below screen shots of product hunt.

Please see the screen shots below to understand better



This system can be built with Bubble.

You can build different systems within your app:

  • the ad system you describe
  • messaging
  • notifications
  • workspaces
  • etc etc
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Great! But how I can build out the ad system with stripe payment ( Companies will pay for ads )? Do you have a process in mind or can you please explain this ad system in detail of how to implement this in a bubble if you can? Thanks

A user of a company will pay via Stripe.

Rest of the details up to the app developer :sweat_smile:

Haha! :joy: No I meant that after filling out the info via a form like 3 basic and important questions

  1. ) For how much time do they want to show ads on our platform
  2. ) For is their budget
    3.) At which location ( they will choose from 3 locations that I have already specified)

Then, If we find it a good fit for our platform, community and also aligned to our values and USPs. Then we will approve them and will give them an idea about much impressions, clicks, and conversions they can get, etc. After that, they will pay us via stripe and we will start showing ads to them on the location on our platform they want to.

Hope you understood now. :grin:

Hello @Priyanshu-Goyal

  1. Upon creation of the object and payment (whatever it is that tracks the payment and ad standing) set an expiration date X days from now.
  2. Whatever logic needed to support budget thresholds which is what I guess you are asking.
  3. Whatever logic needed to support locations.

I am sure the app developer would map out the necessary logic and UI once the functionality scope is defined. User stories help a lot here.

Best of luck with this project :grinning:

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