Add a comment section: best solutions?

Hi there,
I wish to add a comment section at the bottom of my pages, but I don’t want to create it from scratch. Not that I can’t, but I don’t want to handle the spam and attacks that will come from this.

So an external solution is what I’m looking for.

But all I’m seeing in the plugin section is the Facebook comment section, which I don’t want to use.

SEO is important for me, comments should be indexable.
Is there any solution that would do the job and that would not be too complicated to integrate to bubble? Surprised there is no more “native” choices provided by Bubble or plugins.


Maybe try something like this too. Not sure if this will work but im sure there is something else out there that can do what you are looking for:

I’m doing a test with this solution that you offered that I didn’t know, as well as Disqus that I know well.

But disqus is bad at SEO (comments are not indexed in my experience) though really reliable, translated, spam-proof ;htmlbox is way far regarding all this.
We’ll see!

Such a pity Bubble does not have a simple plugin for discourse or disqus (though I have to admit disqus was really easy to setup on bubble).

This widget by @airdev might help:

Nah thanks, as I said I’m looking for a dedicated solution, it’s not just about UI (moderation, spam, login options for commenters…). There’s a huge gap.

thanks, but this is essentially for WP

They do have Discourse built in now but it is like a forum, not a comment type thing.

You’re right, I’ve even seen this ^^
Discourse as comment solution is already kind of a hack, though doable, but it’s true it’s not the first purpose. Currently testing both solutions mentioned earlier, we’ll see how google indexes them.

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No indexing for both solutions :confused:
So both are almost useless to me, SEO is key.

I know I can do a custom Bubble solution to that, but login options are not implemented on my site so it’s a lot of work, will have in the end a not so good integration and few comments will be generated, and after a while I’ll have spam pb that I won’t be able to solve.
Disqus is a complete solution, it’s not just adding a box at the end of pages, it has many features and it requires one, comment are really important on some websites.

Bubble needs a native solution for that, it seems a basic need IMO.

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Check muut.


Looks good, the way they handle SEO is the right way to be sure to be indexed (generates a static page behind). But their pricing starting at $16 / month (same price as my bubble plan) is a bit too much considering the current state of my project.
Will keep it in mind for later, thanks @JonL

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Yeah, paying for valuable stuff is a you-know-what. #eyeroll

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Sure, though it’s too much for websites with no commercial purposes/revenues.
I mean, Bubble is the same price, I have a WAY bigger value for money for the same amount.
I’d be happy to pay them 3$/month or so, but they don’t offer it.
C’est la vie.

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