Alternative to Disqus

I am using Disqus but it requires uses to create account outside of Bubble to use.
Has anybody integrated with other forum software that is simple and doesnt require signup?
I found but looks like some API work

Disqus does have single sign-on (SSO) options, which in theory means being able to use Bubble’s login. I haven’t got around to get SSO working yet though. Also, the Disqus plugin isn’t so good at topic changes on the same page. looks great, but its pretty expensive, the app would need a large income to justify it.

Discourse is pretty nice, and also has SSO options. Their own hosting is also pricey but it being open source, can be self-hosted on digital ocean, or with a lot more messing about, on AWS.

There are other commenting/discussion options in other threads here.

Also can “roll your own”, pretty hard to get it to be fully featured and responsive though.

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thx for your insights

Second that, I use discourse on a self-hosted Digital Ocean instance and it’s fantastic.

@eric.schwantler - if your community is small, you can run it fine on the cheapest $5/month plan. It’s fantastic (as you can see from this forum :wink: ).

Awesome! Did you configure the SSO to work with your Bubble app?

Not yet, but its on my list this coming month. I plan on following their write-up on SSO - it looks very straightforward:


Did you succeed in getting SSO to work between Bubble and Discourse?

No, it sounds like the Bubble team will need to enable a few features as per:

Based on our conversations with their support team, they have a lot on their plate at the moment and won’t be able to get to the sponsorship for a few months.