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Add a data-driven list of things to a thing?

For example, I have a survey with a list of questions that are pulled from a table. I want my survey record to end up with a list of answers, each of which should be associated with a question record. Here’s a look at an example based on my schema.


  • title
  • answers - should be list of answers
  • dateCompleted


  • questionText


  • question
  • answerText

I can display a list of questions (pulled directly from the Question table), with inputs, for the user to complete, on a page that has a Survey content type. I cannot, however, figure out how to save this dynamic set of answer inputs into a list of Answer types in the Survey record.

Any help would be extremely appreciated! Thank you!

Hi honey,
Why are you trying to save the question list on the Answer if you can always get it via a search? You can always save one question on an answer via a workflow - we find that when people need to save a dynamic set of items, a search is often all that’s needed. In other words, please help us understand why you are trying to save.