Best practices creating things (Advice)

Hi All

After some help on best practices on when to create things.

My Scenario:

I have a around 50 categories, these are things like “Timber”, “Electrical” and “Bricks & Blocks”.
Within these category’s there could be a variable amount of questions - anything from 0 to 20 per category.

I have a multi step form, the user would select as many categories as they want and then click a button to move on to the next step. The next step been a list of questions with a drop down for the answers available for them. (This is a nested repeating group, firstly gathering the categories and then a table with the relevant questions.)

My question really is at what point do i create the question and answer data?

Originally i just had all the questions based from the question type, with a field on the type for “current answer”, this then auto binded and filled it in as the user was going along. This though won’t work when i have multiple users completing the form at the same time.

I am then thinking to dynamically create the questions once the user has selected the categories. The problem here though is the user could forget or need to add a category, this would then mean checking and deleting things?

I can wait till the end and then populate all answers, this though doesn’t allow for me to have a “save progress”, the form could have 50 questions which might span over a few days to complete.

Any advice would be appreciated, this is the final piece of the jigsaw and just out of reach of my capabilities.


Hey @simonperks81 :wave:

Hmm :thinking: Good question…

If the user is signed in when they are doing this, why not just create all the records on the backend workflows when they sign up? Then when they are ready to start filling out the records, the records are already created and then can just fill them in. If they need to resume later, they will have everything still saved. Just save where they left off.

You can create ‘templates’ of what you need, and then do a “copy a list of things” to quickly create what you need.

Would something like that help?

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