Add a list of messages as a list and not as a comma-separated line to another field in the user's table


I have a simple but obviously challenging tasks.

Once a user signs up, the system will pre-activate some messages (welcome emails, notifications, etc.) for that user. The user can then toggle the messages on or off.

The workflow is triggered after signup. The system does a search for messages with “InitiallyActivated=yes” and adds this list to the user’s table (type list: ActivatedEmails). The iconic toggle will dynamically reflect the status of activation on the user’s profile.

The problem is that the messages get added in a single comma separated line rather than each individually as list items. This means that my iconic toggles in the repeating group on the user’s profile page will not be able to reflect the change, since I need in each line only one message name.

For testing purposes I have triggered this workflow also after login.

Any hint? Thanks!

Can be marked as resolved. The solution is to use “add list” rather than just “add”. For some reason I did not have the option to add arguments by using “add list” first. However, now it worked.