SOLVED - Make changes to a thing and add an item to a field (list of text)

Make changes to a thing and add an item to a field (list of text). Im adding users ID to the projects (Projects linked with each user)

A Field with List of Text created on Project Table with Name - “DB_PRJ_Assigned_Users”

How can i make changes to the project table and insert a users id to the list of text


As per the above method, Nothing is added to the field of text (list field)

x001 IS USER id

According to the log, it must be correct.

But nothing happens in the database…No changes (No text added to the field)

Any help is appreciated…Is it it a bug…??

The debugger suggests Search for Users’s USR_ID brings something back.

How about check the record that you want to change is found? In the debugger, click on Search for DB_Projects:first item

Well, did you fix this issue? The Issue Checker isn’t lying to you. This is a syntax error and NOTHING WILL HAPPEN until you fix it:

In case you don’t understand this message:

The “add list” operator EXPECTS A LIST. You are not adding a list. You are adding an item.

Use “add item” to push a single item onto your list.

Alternatively, append :make list to your right hand item to turn it from a single item into a list with 1 item in it.

(I get that Bubble nomenclature can be confusing. To clarify further: When you have a list and you want to add more items of that list’s type to the list, you have two options:

Push a single item onto the list. This operation is called “add item” (meaning “add a single item to the list in the left”). The item added must not be a list, but a single object of the target list’s type. (If your right hand thing is a list, you can still use it, but you must select just one item to be pushed [you can do this with :first item, :last item or:item # operators]).

Push multiple items at once onto the list: This operation is called “add list” (meaning “add a list of items to the left hand list” NOT “add something/anything to the list on the left”). The item(s) to be added must be a list (an array). It does not matter how many items are IN the list, but it must be a list. A list CAN have zero or 1 or more than 1 item in it. But a single object by itself is NOT a list (an array).

To convert a single item to a list, you can do :make list in it. The single item becomes a one-item LIST of the object’s type.

I do add a single item to the database, But nothing happens on the end…This was changed to add list to see if it does the job…But no success on both

Here below is the live app page (Problem is with the popup, green button press)

Nothing appears…

This means the record you wanted didn’t match the search constraints.

FYI your app is not open for anyone to view. (Open now)

There is also this problem, likely unrelated …