Add a list of text inside a repeating group

I have a field name “contact notes” and the field type is list of text. I’m trying to add each note in a individual row but for some reason I can’t figure it out. It keeps adding all the notes in one row mutliple times.

Hi there, How do you have your repeating group setup to show this data? Can you send a screenshot of those settings?

Thanks! So it looks like you’re trying to show a list of text from a particular contact, not all of them, correct? If so, instead you would need this repeating group to be setup as Type of Content: Text, Data Source: Current Page’s Contact → Contact Notes.

I made the changes but the notes are not in seperate rows

How are your notes stored in the database?

Thanks for the screenshot - it looks like you have 1 note per Contact, which isn’t how I was expecting to see this laid out. Will you only ever have 1 note per contact? If so, you are correct that the Repeating Group will need to be set to Search for Contacts, and then the data source on that text would be Current Cell’s Contact Notes. Now each line in the repeating group will be a note from a different contact.

No I would like to have multiple notes per contact. That’s why I checked this field is a list but I guess that’s not the correct way to do it?

Oh I see, you didn’t add those commas, those are separate text lines.

In that case, for the repeating group, set Type of content: Text. Data Source: Current Page’s Contact Contact Notes. And then the text element is Current Cell’s Text.

Current cells text isn’t an option

You will need to make sure that Parent Group is set to something that’s not Contact - that’s what’s causing your issue. If it’s a group inside the Repeating group, set that group to Current Cell’s text as well. And please make sure the repeating group is set to Text, not to Contact.

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Yes that was the problem. I had a group inside the repeating group and as soon as I deleted that group it show me the current cell text option and it worked. Thank you for your help.