Display date on repeating group

I have a repeatinggroup displaying a list of notes. So users can add a note, and that will be displayed in the group. How can I also display de date and time when a note is created?

Hi there, @indicatiezorgnederla… add a text element to the repeating group and display the Current cell's Note's Creation Date in it, and you should be good to go.


Thanks for you reply.
I dont get the option ‘Creation Date’.

Try Current cell's notitie's Creation Date.

It looks like your RG is set up to display a list of texts, rather than a list of ‘Notes’ (which would be more logical).

So, change the RG content type to Notes, and then follow @mikeloc suggestion above.

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I have to change the content type to Notes in the Option sets?
When I do that I have to provide with options, I can’t type a random note in the input, right?

I’ve got literally no idea what you’re talking about there… but no…

You need to change the RG content-type to ‘Note’ if you want to be able to display data about that ‘Note’ in each cell (which is what you asked in your original question).

Im sorry, I am still figuring out Bubble.

I didn’t have content type 'Note ’ so I have made a new data type ‘Notes’.
I’ve then added the ‘Note’ type to the Clients field. ( I am making a Client portal).

Am I on the right path?

But then I can’t add a client note manually…the field stays blank when I click on ‘add’.

Thank you for your help!

You are on the right path indeed…

But then I can’t add a client note manually…the field stays blank when I click on ‘add’.

If you’re trying to add a Note ‘manfully’ in the data tab of your app, yo have to specify a note that exists in the database… and you have to type whatever you have set as the Primary Display Field which, by default will be the Note’s Unique ID.

So, if you want to add a Note to a client in the data tab, you’ll have to type the Unique ID of the note into the field and then click add.

But, I’m not sure why you’d be doing that… surely you’ll be building a proper interface and UI for adding Notes, no?

I wanted to make a test-note to see if it would display.

But yes…i want to add notes to a client, but I am now stuck on how to connect the Notes to the client.
I did it with the ‘List of Texts’ (Instead of list of Notes) some how before, But now that I have changed the content to ‘Note’ I can’t seem to figure it out anymore :sweat_smile:

This is how I put the data:



When a new note is added, create a new Note entry in the database, and assign the Client to it in the Client field (of type Client).

You could then also add that note to a list of notes (of type Note) on the client, but to be honest there’s really no need to do that, and it’s not a good idea if a client could potentially have many notes associated with them, so I wouldn’t recommend doing that.

This is how I put the data:

It all looks good… except I don’t know what your search for Notes is (and from your last screenshot, your Note datatype didn’t have a Client field, so you’ll need to add that to the datatype, and include it as a search constraint).

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Thank you so much for your help!

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