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I want to display all records in list of things in repeating group line-by-line

I’m in the mode of learning. I started with creating a list of thing to add up my contact with phone into list. However, once I go to next page to display, it displayed all records in the same row. How can I display each record line-by-line ?

The first page: To add up new contact record.

The next page: To display the list of contact but the result shown below

Anyone can help me please ? Thank you.

In the dynamic expression, put this at the end: :join with and type in line_break

Hi Thank you for your help @pnodseth. I added as your recommend. This still showed many records. Please see picture below.

Really appreciated your help.

Repeating Group type: Contact
Repeating Group source: search for contacts

Text 1 in cell: current cell’s name
Text 2 in cell: current cell’s number

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Hi @romanmg. It’s work now as your recommend. Thank you.

Thank you this community for very great help. :heart_eyes:

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Sorry, misunderstood your question. Was reading a bit too fast :wink:

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