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Add a Parameter to Stripe's Cancel a Subscription Action

I have a scenario where I cancel a User’s subscription after a predetermined number of months.

To do this I schedule a workflow to cancel the subscription on the correct date. However, I have wondered if the canceled subscription will get prorated to a slightly different amount if not canceled at the exact end time of the billing period. (Maybe it only prorates if off by days?)
As this is a marketplace and I want to make sure the seller receives the exact total.

To be safe I would like to have the option to set “at_period_end” to true in the Cancel a Subscription action. This would allow Bubbler’s to decide if a Canceled Subscription happens immediately or takes place at the end of the current billing period (and to my understanding should still charge the full amount for that month)

Any chance the “at_period_end” parameter option could be added to Stripe’s Cancel a Subscription action @emmanuel ?