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Cancel Stripe Subscription at end of billing period


I am using the Stripe plug-in by Bubble, and I am trying to allow users to say they want to cancel their subscription in the middle of the billing period but allow them to access the subscription through the end.

I’ve read some other forum posts as well as Stripe and Bubble documentation and haven’t found a way to allow customers to cancel at end of billing period using the Bubble plugin. The Cancel Plan action seems to cancel the subscription immediately.

Is it possible to do this with the Bubble plugin? Or can I create it (e.g., API call, webhook?) myself? Any advice?

Thanks! (also, relatively new to all of this, so apologies if I’m missing something obvious)



Having the same problem here

This kind of thing is managed on Stripe side, in the Stripe dashboard …

This kind of thing is managed on Stripe side, in the Stripe dashboard

Can you point out how? From my understanding, the ‘cancel_at_period_end’ is a property that is part of the cancellation API call, not any inherent property of a subscription.

I’ve inspected the Bubble Stripe Plugin’s cancellation call and it is passing "cancel_at_period_end": false

This should be a trivial addition to the plugin - just adding a checkbox to the property sheet.

It’s a shame the official plugins are not open source.

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I just had the same issue - I’ve resorted to building a parallel integration with Stripe using the API Connector to handle any calls that the official plugin doesn’t yet handle. I hope to upgrade calls to the official API once it gets improved - it will make things much cleaner!