Add a thing to a list of things

Hi there!

Maybe i cant see the obvious but i have created a datebase with “Users” and “Order”.
“Users” has a field called “Order” which is a list of “Order”.
When my workflow creates a new “Order”, i want to add it to the Current Users list of Orders.

Can anyone help me out on this one?

WF logic:

Step 1. Create New ‘Order’
[User] Add ‘Current User’

Step 2. Make a Change to ‘Current User’
[Order] Results of Step 1

Not sure i understand either. You can take a look at the flow that i tried to make after your reply.

I GOT IT TO WORK! Thank you

I was just typing my reply - you beat me to it :slight_smile:


Inside of the order field, add a User type. That way you can access the data two ways.

Thanks for the advice! Wouldnt that be considered redundance though? Or is there a way to “automate” so it wont have to be deleted two places?