Add ability to truly dynamically specify options for searchbox

The searchbox has two modes for search options: static and dynamic. Static works fine, but dynamic is not truly dynamic. You have to use the “Do a Search for” action, and can’t do anything else to it afterwards. It would be really nice if we could specify a list of options in a truly dynamic way, similar to everywhere else in the app.

Example for usage:

I want to allow the user to choose a “type” from a list of predetermined types (stored in an option set, for example). However, the user can also specify their own “type” if the predetermined types are not satisfactory. They can do this by not selecting one of the types on the list and just typing their own. If they do this, however, we want that type to be stored somewhere so that the next time they choose a type, it appears alongside the predetermined types. Thus the searchbox would needed a truly dynamic option: “Get an option set -> Type Options -> All options :appended to Current User’s Types”

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Indeed~! I have been looking ways to solve this issue.

I think it is essential to have dynamic data source for Searchbox.

like Amazon searchbox example below, allowing users to pick the data source.

Another feature that would be useful if we could set default value as TEXT when Allow entries not in list when typing is checked.

The use case of this feature are described in the thread below:

For clarity (I’m curious and I think I like your idea). What’s the use case? Is it an universal search of sorts?

In my case, I had the following setup:

A user can create “tools”, which have a name and a link. They can also categorize those tools. Those categories can either be one of our predefined tool categories or one of the custom categories they specified.

Of course, there are a very large number of potential use cases. Basically any time you want to search on a subset of data, but can’t easily store the information that you use to determine the subset as a searchable field. Or any time you want to search for an item from two data sources.


I also have this need very often of having a searchbox work on option set.

The “dropdown” works on option sets, but it doesn’t support “auto suggest”, which is critical, as otherwise user has to scroll down through full dropdown to locate what they want.


Can you still not dynamically search through API data with a search box? this seems wild …I am sure there is a good reason, but very limiting for us :sob::sob:

My best workaround Ive found for this issue is to use the multiselect dropdown component with a limit of 1 possible selection. That solves most cases you need the searchbox for.