Set SearchBox default value as a text (not in the list)

I need help:

I have a search box with values coming from a list, and i checked the option to allow values not in the list. I am storing the result (either the value selected or the “typed text” in my database).

Now, on the form to offer the user to modify the selection, I need to set the default value corresponding to what was stored in the DB, which might not be a value in the list - it might be the typed text

Problem, the searchbox component only allows to set the default value as a list item, not as a text.

Any knows how to get around that ? Haven’t seen the question asked here - or it was, but no one answered.

Thank you

But if you are previously saving the value when it’s just “typed text” in the list. Assuming that this is the same searchbox source list, when the user edits the data, theoretically it has already been saved, so it already belongs to the list. So a “typed text” will not be returned, but a “value”, as it already exists in the list.

Not really. If my list has A,B and C as values, the user can still type D … which I save in a text field from the typed text… Now I want the user to edit D giving him the choice to change it to A, B or C, hence having D as a default value of a searchbox element. Can’t do that :frowning: I don’t know how to go around this.

What is the point of letting user input their own element if we can’t display it back for edition in the same field ? there must be something I am not seeing

Oh Indeed you just gave me the answer … all I have to do is save the user typed text in the database … stupid me !!!