Add All Items in a RG To A Custom State

Is there an easy way to add all items in a Repeating Group to a Custom State in a single line of code. If not, how I would I create a loop to go thru each item in the repeating group and add it to the custom state?

Just set the state’s value to the RG’s list of things.

Not sure how i do that. I don’t see anything related to the RG in the Action’s Value dropdown list. Note: The element for the state is the page. Don’t know if that would cause an issue.

Also - if I delete everything in the value field, I then see the Repeating Group List of Categories entry in the dropdown list (Categories is the data type) that the Repeating Group is operating on. But not sure if this is what you are referring to - and how to use it.

Hey @s.arndt
If you put a button on the page or set up a workflow.
Use the action ‘Set state’ and select: repeating group name - list of things.
Happy to show you how to do this

Thanks - I think I got it working a few hours later. But I’m still working thru all the related pieces - so still may have some issues/questions in the future :grinning:


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