Accessing Custom States of objects in repeating groups from Custom Event Workflow?

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I’m having issues on this topic. I’m trying to build a facebook clone (basically) where each post (repeating group cell) has a custom state of “expanded Y/N” to indicate if it’s been clicked and comments are showing.

I set the custom state using the element inspector. I have various triggers for what might expand a given post, so I send the parent item to a custom workflow called Expand. In the expand workflow, I want to change the Thing’s custom state, but I don’t see the item in question in my dropdown list to change.

What am I doing wrong?

here’s the custom state I’ve set on the RG item

Then various triggers send the thing to custom workflow:

But I can’t find the Thing I need to modify the custom state in my dropdown list:

I suppose I could create a custom state which is a list of items outside the RG and match to ID # of each item in RG, but would prefer my original approach if it’s possible.

Where is the element located that you’re trying to set the state to? Is it the repeating group?

Try setting the state of something INSIDE the repeating group’s cell.


That’s exactly what I’m trying to do, but all of the items within the repeating group are not displaying in the dropdown when I try to change them from my custom workflow. I can only see the RG itself or other items on my page.

To be clear, I am able to do this individually for each element. It’s when I try to send them to a custom event that it breaks down (as the custom event doesn’t have the same items in dropdown when trying to change state)

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