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Add CloudConvert to Bubble?

I don’t know anything about APIs and have been lucky enough not to have to use Blockspring, Zapier etc to make my web tool (so far… there is definitely functionality I want to add that will need more complex solutions.)

But, I’ve used in the past to convert music files, docs to PDF etc. and it looks like a real possibility to integrate into Bubble.

Here’s a list of conversion formats:


What do you think, fellow Bubblers??

It might work, handling the fact you need to wait for the process might be fun.

It is essentially the same process as my mosaic app, you have to trigger something and then wait.

The API connector is great, but at the moment it is a little like trying to wallpaper a room through the keyhole. Complex calls get very big and the edit box on bubble is tiny.

Looks like a great tool though, good find :slight_smile: